The Measles & Rubella Partnership is a global entity that provides funding and technical support directly to countries to address measles and rubella outbreaks. Through annual funding from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and other supporters the M&RP partners are able to rapidly provide resources to countries experiencing outbreaks for targeted response activities including the purchase of vaccines and operational costs. M&RP has provided technical support to numerous countries working to prevent and stop measles outbreaks. This support is pivotal and sets M&RP and its partners apart, making it all the more unique. In addition to technical support, M&RP Outbreak Response Funds have been provided to the countries in the table below.

Updated SOPs for the Outbreak Response Fund

Countries Receiving M&RP Outbreak Response Funds in 2023

Country Target Population Date Approved
Nepal 1,513,438 April 11, 2023
Chad 798,103 April 13, 2023
Tajikistan 830,699 June 16, 2023
Kyrgyzstan 693,527 August 16, 2023
Ethiopia 1,994,328 November 9,2023



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A dynamic visual aide showing current progress and challenges in the Measles & Rubella Partnership’s campaigns.


Measles Outbreaks Strategic Response Plan2021-2023 Measles Outbreaks Strategic Response Plan (MOSRP)

WHO together with its global and regional MR partners have identified a list of priority countries for enhanced outbreak preparedness and response support as part of the 2021-2023 Measles Outbreaks Strategic Response Plan (MOSRP). The list of priority countries is being regularly revised to account for changes on measles epidemiologic risk. You can find the latest version here.


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Updated on January 10, 2023

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