Measles deaths decline but 20 million children still unprotected

The Measles & Rubella Partnership helped to reach over 225 million children through mass vaccination campaigns in 2011 alone, contributing to a 71% drop in global measles deaths in just over a decade.

New data released this week shows that progress against measles is due to increased vaccination coverage which has resulted in a 58% decrease in reported measles cases worldwide from 2000-2011. Routine vaccination with the first measles dose has increased to 84% in the same period.

However, the report also highlights that some 20 million children still remain unprotected and without access to the essential first dose of measles vaccine. More than half of these children live in five countries that reported large measles outbreaks in 2011. Progress towards measles elimination has stalled in some regions.

Read the full statement here and the full report here.

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