Measles & Rubella Partnership with Sophie Blackall at American Academy of Pediatrics Launch

Ivy, quiet and intelligent, and Bean, precocious and mischievous, are the unlikeliest of best friends. The beloved characters of the best-selling children’s series Ivy + Bean, have set out on the unlikeliest of adventures: tackling measles.

Sophie Blackall and Dr. Perrin, President of AAP

The Measles & Rubella Partnership has teamed up with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to launch “Ivy + Bean versus The Measles” through a series of materials designed for clinics and pediatric offices throughout the United States. The images, meant to open the dialogue with parents and children on measles vaccinations in a non-threatening way, are the latest in a partnership with Ivy + Bean illustrator Sophie Blackall and were introduced at a special AAP launch held for Blackall’s key audience…kids aged 6 to 12.

The kids who gathered to meet Ms. Blackall were accompanied by their parents, most of which are members of the AAP. Recent studies strongly show the influential link between the pediatrician and parents when it comes to discussing the merits of measles and rubella vaccination, and childhood immunization overall. While parents can be influenced by peer groups and media, most will seek the guidance of their child’s primary health provider.

Ivy and Bean fans in awe at AAP launch.

With the support of publisher, Chronicle Books, Blackall’s work illustrates how Ivy and Bean might tackle the problem in their own unique way. A double-sided poster highlights Bean’s antics to avoid getting a measles shot (living with a polar bear, on the moon or in a biohazard suit…permanently) while Ivy calmly reassures her that it’s “Easy Peasy,” to just get vaccinated. Pediatricians will also receive activity cards for kids to use in waiting rooms, plus stickers and temporary tattoos for kids receiving their MMR shot.

The materials are designed to provide pediatricians with materials that visually speak to kids and parents in a humorous and creative way while delivering the message on the importance of measles vaccination.

Sisters posing with Tvy and Bean at AAP launch.

And it wasn’t just the kids who were excited to see the Ivy + Bean materials. Several pediatricians were overheard saying, “I’m so excited, I love Ivy and Bean!” so we know we’re reaching the doctors who can help parents and children make the right decision to be vaccinated against measles.

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