Standard Operating Procedures for SIA’s

In the context of measles and rubella elimination and control, country programs conduct periodic supplemental immunization activities (SIA’s) to reduce the size of susceptible populations. To achieve population immunity necessary for the interruption of measles transmission, a measles stand-alone or measles-rubella combined campaign must reach at least 95 per cent of a target population.

What is this document and who is it for?

This document is intended to provide managers of immunization programs in eligible countries with guidance on how to access Measles & Rubella Partnership (M&RP) support for quality SIAs. It outlines a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for accessing financial and/or technical support through the M&RP. Separate SOP’s must be used to apply for emergency outbreak response. These emergency outbreak response SOPs can be found here.

The experience of the M&RP is that early preparations, timely arrival of funds to the periphery, and supervision are the key insurance against poor quality SIAs. It is hence critical that countries seeking M&RP support adhere to strict timelines and follow the guidance outlined in these SOPs. Late or incomplete country submissions negatively impact on M&RP support and reduce the efficacy of SIAs in closing immunity gaps.


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Updated on September 8th, 2020

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