StoryMaps: The Fight Against Measles

An interactive exploration of one of the world’s most contagious diseases, the havoc it wreaks, and progress made against it with vaccines.


The United Nations Foundation’s Shot@Life Campaign has created a new online resource using StoryMaps to create an interactive and educational experience on the global fight against measles.  This online resource helps to raise awareness of the global burden of measles by sharing stories from around the world of those impacted by the disease, as well as the stories of the individuals and groups who are working to eliminate it through vaccination.  These ground level experiences provide an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the serious consequences measles infections can have upon families, the challenges we continue to face in reaching all children with lifesaving vaccines, and ways that everyone can get involved in creating a world without measles.

The Shot@Life Measles StoryMap can be found here

A group of young girls smile while holding a vaccination card in Venezuela.















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