Welcome to the Measles Initiative’s new blog!

Welcome to the Measles Initiative’s official new blog. We aim to publish a range of information about measles elimination efforts around the world. You’ll find postings on the latest scientific information, notes from the field, progress in fundraising, updates on global measles outbreaks and the efforts to control them. The Measles Initiative is a partnership involving people in dozens of countries and we’ll also regularly invite guests to give their views.

This blog is part of a wider new social media effort of the Measles Initiative. We invite you to follow us on Twitter: @MeaslesInit, subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch out for new stories on Storify. Of course, your main reference for measles technical tools, reports and multimedia is www.MeaslesInitiative.org, which also remains the prime donation site.

In today’s first post, we’re profiling new information from the 10th Annual Meeting of the Measles Initiative, which took place on September 13-14th at the American Red Cross’s historic campus in Washington. Have a look at the presentations, which include information about the global, regional and country efforts to eliminate rubella and congenital rubella syndrome.

Subscribe to the blog, and don’t hesitate to offer your comments and feedback. You can always reach us at MeaslesInitiative@gmail.com.

Looking forward to communicating with all of you, as we work towards a world without measles.

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