A new plan to eliminate measles and rubella

Today the Measles Initiative has several announcements:

  1. Deaths from measles have decreased globally by 74% ! A new Lancet study published today estimates measles deaths at 535,000 in 2000. By 2010, intensified efforts to reach more children with measles vaccine reduced that to just under 140,000 deaths. This progress demonstrates that the measles control and elimination strategies really work.
  2. 380 children are still dying from measles every day. We simply must reduce that to zero. We have a new plan to do just that – and to go even further and work towards the elimination of measles, rubella and congenital rubella syndrome using the same platform that has worked so well for measles.
  3. We’re changing our name. From today, the Measles Initiative becomes the Measles & Rubella Partnership. We’re a global partnership aimed at ensuring no child dies of measles and no child is born with congenital rubella syndrome.

We’ll have much more to say in the days ahead – but in the meantime you can find out more here.

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