World Immunization Week – Alwaleed Philanthropies Joins the Fight to Stop the Spots

Celebrating a $50 million dollar investment by Alwaleed Philanthropies to support UNICEF’s measles and rubella elimination activities

UNICEF and Alwaleed Philanthropies kick off World Immunization Week today with a major announcement of US $50 million to help achieve a world where no child dies from measles or is born with congenital rubella syndrome.

This five year investment from the Riyadh-based foundation provides vital funding that will help UNICEF and the Measles & Rubella Partnership reach at least 51 million children with measles containing vaccine.
Earlier this year, Her Royal Highness Princess Lamia Al Saud, Secretary General of Alwaleed Philanthropies, travelled to Laos, PDR during a measles-rubella campaign conducted from January 16 – 25.

Princess Lamia Al Saud Measles

While there, Princess Lamia visited health care facilities and observed measles-rubella immunization activities in the small village of Bankok Sengsuliya along the Mekong River. She also spent time with the unsung heroes of vaccination – local groups like the Laos Women’s Union who provide focal points in more than 10,000 Laos villages to educate parents, and healthcare workers who travel untold hours by boat, motorbike and foot to reach every child.

We were honoured that Princess Lamia joined UNICEF in Laos to see the impact that this catalytic funding will have on saving children’s lives around the world.

Princess Lamia Al Saud Measles

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