Meeting Presentations

The Measles and Rubella Partnership has spent much effort fighting for its cause by means of widespread education. One of the main mediums used is Power Point presentations. Below you will find some of the Partnership’s archived presentations.

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2019 Measles and Rubella Partnership Partners Meeting

List of Participants

September 11-12, 2019 – Day One

Dr Hinman Lifetime Achievement Acceptance Speech

DR. Koplan Keynote Speech

Ms. Henrietta Fore, Executive Director, UNICEF (video)

WHO Global overview of progress and challenges

PAHO- Response in the Americas to measles importations

Colombia Outbreak response in a setting of humanitarian need (2)

Philippines Red Cross Responding to the 2019 Measles Outbreak in the Philippines

Vaccinations Science Controversy and Public Trust The Story of Clark County 2019 Measle Outbreak

Madagascar Measles outbreak increased partner support and a focus on strengthening routine immunization

Dr. Haldar, India

Pulse Check US

Outbreaks Summary of lessons learnt and the vision for the future final

Viewpoint from the CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield

A rapid diagnostic test for measles Can it transform surveillance

Creating the MR post 2020 framework

Laying the Foundation for a Successful Future

Gavi- A vision forward

September 11-12, 2019 – Day Two

De Swart Immuno Amnesia

Communications Panel – Measles Moves Fast, Our External Communications Should Too

Promoting Vaccination Demand

Family Perspective – My Familys Story Living with Congenital Rubella Syndrome

Moving the Needle on Capitol Hill Grassroots Advocacy

Measles and Rubella Vaccinations by Microneedle Patch

American Red Cross 5 Point Plan

2018 A Dialogue with Pediatric Societies and Immunization Partners Meeting

List of Participants

May 23, 2018

American Academy of Pediatrics Global Immunization Champions project

Best Practice Guidance Respond Vocal Vaccine Deniers

CDC Measles-Rubella Elimination Team

Civil society support in MR elimination to date

Global Status of Measles and Rubella Elimination Activities

Introduction to the Gavi CSO Platforms Project

Role of Indonesia Pediatric Society in Immunization

Role of Kenya Paediatric Association in Immunizations

Role of Paediatric Association of Nigeria in Immunizations

Role of Philippine Pediatric Society in Immunizations

What we know about vaccine hesitancy and the role of pediatric societies

Wiser Immunizer Course

MRI Pediatric Societies Summary and Next Steps

2017 Global Measles and Rubella Partnership Partner Meeting

List of Participants

September 7-8, 2017 – Day One

Conducting a Mass Measles Campaign Among Internally Displaced Populations in Northeast Nigeria

From Campus to Capitol Hill

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

India Country Experience

India MR Communication Strategy

Keynote Address – Dr. Alan Hinman

Measles and Rubella Vaccination Using a Microneedle Patch

Measles Containing Vaccines, Overview of Supply Through UNICEF

Midterm Review Report

MR Surveillance in India


Risks and Opportunities of Transitioning Polio Resources to Support MR Elimination

Surveillance and Why it is Important

September 7-8, 2017 – Day Two

Can House to House Social Mobilization Support Identification of Missed Children for Routine Immunization

Characterizing the Health and Financial Costs of Measles and Rubella

Dr Jadhav – Opening Comments

Opportunities in the Second Year of Life

Philippines-Strengthening Routine Immunization in Urban Poor Communities

Red Cross Volunteers Experience

Story From the Field – Malawi GIS

The Role of Pediatricians and National Pediatric Societies

Acceleration Towards Measles and Rubella Elimination 2016

June 21-24, 2016 – Day One

Global Measles and Rubella Update

Global Measles Rubella Laboratory Network (GMRLN) update

The New Gavi Measles Strategy

Findings and Recommendations from the Midterm Review

The Experience with the M&RP Outbreak Response Fund Lessons Learned

Recent Outbreaks WPRO

Recent Outbreak AFRO

Recent Outbreaks EMRO

Midterm Review Recommendations on Outbreak Response

Updates from the Regional MR Laboratory Networks WPR

Updates from the Regional MR Laboratory Networks SEAR

Updates from the Regional MR Laboratory Networks EMR

Updates from the Regional MR Laboratory Networks EUR

European Regional Presentation

Southeast Asia Regional Presentation

Western Pacific Regional Presentation

Eastern Mediterranean Regional Presentation

Americas Regional Presentation

Africa Regional Presentation

June 21-24, 2016 – Day Two

Cross Cutting MR and RI Priorities

Overview of Second Year of Life

India Experience with Measles 2nd Dose and DPT Booster in 2nd Year of Life

Strengthening the 2YL Platform and Men A Introduction Plan in Ghana

Recording and Monitoring in the Second Year of Life

Dose Per Container Partnership

MCV Wastage

Lessons Learned and Key Factors Affecting SIA Quality

Micro-Planning to Ensure SIA Reaches the Unvaccinated

SIA Readiness Assessment Tool Uganda Experience

Piloting of Mobile Technologies for Rapid Convenience Monitoring in the Nepal Measles Rubella Campaign

Post SIA Coverage Survey New WHO Vaccination Coverage Cluster Survey Reference Manual

Challenges and Opportunities Associated with the New SIA Coverage Survey Guidelines and Practical Issues

Updates from the Regional MR Laboratory Networks AFR

Updates from the Regional MR Laboratory Networks AMR

Measles and Rubella IgM Proficiency Testing

Molecular EQA for GMRLN Year Two

Process and Results of First Molecular PT Exercise in EUR

Introduction and Comments on Measles Genotype Distribution and Lesson Learned

Overview of Measles and Rubella Genotypes and MeaNS and RubeNS Update

Multiple Genotypes Circulating in Russian Federation

 Measles Genotype Diversity in SEAR

Whole Genome Sequencing for Measles a Case Study in Brazil

Evolution of Rubella Viruses During Persistent Infection

Evolution of Rubella Viruses Following Long Term Endemic Circulation

Progress on the Development of the Revised Laboratory Manual

N.E.W. Next Generation, Extended Window and Whole Genome Sequencing Working Group

Vaccine Specific RT PCR for Measles MeVA

Multiplex Bead Assay Multiplex Immuno Assay

National Institute of Infectious Diseases Update

Poliovirus Containment

Global Health Security Activities

June 21-24, 2016 – Day 3

Africa Regional Presentation

Measles and Rubella Surveillance Roadmap

DRC Challenges with Multiple Surveillance Systems

How the Philippines Overcame the Surveillance Challenges Elicited by the 2014 Measles Outbreak

Measles and Rubella Surveillance in the time of Zika

CRS Burden Estimates

Measles and Rubella Serosurveys


Innovations Measles Programmatic Risk Assessments

Disappearance of Measles Genotypes

Next Generation and Extended Sequencing Working Group for Measles and Rubella 

Developing Point of Care Tests for Measles Surveillance

Mircroneedle Patches An Emerging Vaccine Delivery Technology to Achieve High

Coverage for Measles and Rubella Vaccines

Global Measles and Rubella Annual Meeting 2015

List of Participants

September 15-16, 2015 – Day One

From the Field: Ms. Sylvia Khamati, Kenya Red Cross Society

Sustaining the Gains in Mortality Reduction and Reaching Milestones on the Way Toward Elimination, Dr. Peter Strebel, WHO

Achieving Success in Rubella Elimination: Dr. Jon Andrus, Sabin Vaccine Institute

What is the Role of M&RP?

Story From the Field: Dr. Jennifer Zipprich, California Department of Public Health

Stakeholder Consultation on the Mid-Term Review and the Way Forward

M&RP Financial Resource Requirements: Dr. Yodit Sahlemariam, UNICEF

Workshop on Communicating for Impact

September 15-16, 2015 – Day Two

Updates from Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, Stefano Malvoti, Gavi

Polio Eradication: Transitioning the Infrastructure to Support Routine Immunization as Well as Measles and Rubella:

Economics of Measles and Rubella: Dr. Kim Thompson, Kid Risk

How Individuals Can Make a Difference in Eliminating Measles and Rubella:

Story from the Field: Ms. Julie Boonprasarn, Lions Clubs International Foundation

Story from the Field: Mr. Francis Kateh, Deputy Health Minister & Chief Medical Officer, Liberia

Africa Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Meeting 2015

June 2-3, 2015- Day One

Implementation of MR TAG Meeting 2013 Recommendations

Global Measles and Rubella Update

Regional Measles Elimination Program Updates

Invalid MCV1 Doses – How Big A Problem?

MCV2 Introduction and the Second Year of Life Contact

MR Introduction and Rubella Epidemiology in AFRO

Measles Vaccination in MSF Context

June 2-3, 2015- Day Two

Discussion Points Day One

CRS Surveillance in AFR

Measles/ MR Supplemental Immunisation Activities Quality

Update on Measles & Rubella Surveillance in the WHO African Region

The Performance of the Regional Laboratory Network

Polio Legacy Planning Discussion

Global Measles and Rubella Annual Meeting 2014

List of Participants

September 9-10, 2014- Day One

2013-2014 M&RP Annual Review

2014 Finance Update

AFRO Region Update

Communications Presentation

Country Update – Somalia

EMRO Region Update

M&RP Fundraising and Outreach Session

Outbreak Response Fund Presentation

SEARO Region Update

September 9-10, 2014- Day Two

Advocacy Break Out Sessions

AMRO Region Update

Country Update – Ghana

Country Update – India

Country Update – Nigeria

EURO Region Update

Global Rubella Update

Routine Immunization Overview

Routine Immunization Strengthening in Tanzania and Uganda

WPRO Region Update

Global Measles and Rubella Annual Meeting 2013

List of Participants

September 10-11, 2013- Day One

The Golden Anniversary of Measles Vaccine

Funding Update 2013-2015

Progress in Creating a World Free of Measles & Rubella

Young People Helping Young People

Communication Updates

EMRO: Focus on Response to Humanitarian Disaster

AFRO: Focus on Response to Measles Resurgence

EURO: Focus on Advocacy and Communication Response to Measles and Rubella Resurgence

September 10-11, 2013- Day Two

Social Mobilization in Practice

Tools for Strengthening SIAs and Routine Immunization

Country Report: Rwanda

Engaging Government and Civil Society to Achieve the Elimination

WPRO: Final Push to Eliminate Measles and Control Rubella

SEARO: Focus on Plans to Eliminate Measles

Global Measles and Rubella Annual Meeting 2012

List of Participants

September 18-19, 2012 – Day One

Global Overview of Measles & Rubella

Road Map to Achieving Goals

The Measles & Rubella Partnership: Preparing for the Next Decade

Priorities in the Measles and Rubella Research Agenda

Supporting the Measles Rubella Initiative Globally, Impacting Communities Locally

LDS Immunization Initiative

GAVI Support for Measles and Rubella Immunization

Funding Update: Current Situation and Future Prospects

Eliminating Measles: Western Pacific Region in Action

Progress towards Measles Elimination China, 2012

Progress on SIAs and MCV2 introduction in India

Measles mortality reduction in SEAR

Using Measles SIAs to Strengthen Routine Immunization

India Routine Immunization & Measles SIA synergies assessment

September 18-19, 2012 – Day Two

African Region – priorities to reach the 2020 measles elimination goal

Measles and rubella outbreaks in WHO Region of Europe

Measles Vaccination in Emergency Setting

Validation of measles & rubella elimination, challenges in Ecuador and Haiti

Monitoring the impact of vaccination on rubella and CRS

House to House Mobilization for successful measles SIAs: SITREP after five years in Africa

Reaching missed kids

Surveillance for Measles and Rubella is Provided by the WHO Global Measles and Rubella Laboratory Network Competent and Sustainable Global Laboratory

Measles and Rubella investment cases: Stakeholder analysis and update

Hong Kong Training Workshop, 2010

Measles & Rubella Partnership Advocacy & Communication

Mass Measles Campaign (2012)

TRCS Experience on Social Mobilization for Integrated Measles Campaign of 2011

URCS Mass Measles Social Mobilization Campaign

Global Measles Management Meeting 2011

March 2011 – Day One

Decade of Vaccines – How can measles deliver?

Global measles and rubella technical update

What happened at the Strungmann Forum?

Proceedings of the SAGE Working Group on Rubella

Recommendations from the 2010 Global LabNet Meeting

Innovation and new technologies for measles eradication

Measles vaccination: Alternative delivery methods

Highlights and priorities – EURO

Highlights and priorities – WPRO

Progress toward measles elimination in China

Highlights and priorities – EMRO

Day Two

Highlights and priorities – SEARO

Update on the Implementation of Measles Second Dose in India

Progress and challenges in Bangladesh

Highlights and priorities – AFRO

Measles outbreak in Malawi – Reasons and response

Experience in Ethiopia in conducting best practices measles campaign

Do we need a measles vaccine stockpile for more effective measles outbreak response?

Outline of the Measles Strategic Plan 2011-2020

Day Three

Monitoring progress toward the coverage and disease incidence targets

New model for estimating progress towards the 2015 mortality reduction goal

Update on the global supply of measles and measles-rubella vaccine

Advocacy across the Measles Initiative

Global Measles and Rubella Annual Meeting 2011

September 2011


Current Progress & Plans

Global Overview of Measles

African Region Update

Southeast Asia Region Update

European Region Update

Western Pacific Region Update

Eastern Mediterranean Region Update


East and Southern Africa Outbreaks

Measles Outbreak & Response 2009-2011: South Africa

Challenges in Measles Outbreak Response: MSF Perspectives

Rubella & Routine Immunization

Updated 2011 WHO Rubella Vaccine Position Paper and Implications for Regions and Countries

Achieving and Sustaining Measles and Rubella Elimination

Rubella Epidemiology in Africa

Routine Immunization: The Fifth Child Perspective

MCV2 Introduction

Tackling Big Challenges

Global Measles and Rubella Strategic Plan

Measles Initiative Management and Financing

Economic Analysis of Measles Mortality Reduction and Eradication

Implementing a Best Practice: Ethiopia’s Experience

Measles Elimination in Pakistan

Update on Measles Mortality Reduction in India

Advocacy & Mobilization

American Red Cross Domestic Outreach

Lions Club International

LDS Church and Red Cross Social Mobilization

Sabin Vaccine Institute



Measles and the Measles Vaccine

Reported Measles Cases and Vaccination Coverage in Africa

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